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YouTube is used by billions of people across the globe every minute. It is one of the most-used apps on a smartphone for media consumption. To make watching videos more convenient, YouTube introduced the video chapters feature.

The YouTube video chapters feature was introduced back in 2020, after a round of testing. This feature lets you skip to the part of a video that you want to see. It negates the need to specifically scroll through the seek bar to land at the exact viewing time on a video.

The uploader of the video needs to add chapters manually by signing in to the YouTube studio. If a YouTuber hasn’t added video chapters, then YouTube would use machine learning to add automatic chapters. YouTube video chapters are regarded as one of the best features introduced by the company in recent times.

Taking things forward, according to Android Police, Google is now rolling out this feature for more devices. Notably, the YouTube video chapters feature is now available for select Smart TVs and gaming consoles.

Recently, this feature was evolved, and the ability to share exact time stamps was also made available for the Android app.

A full list of compatible devices is not available at the moment

This piece of information was shared by YouTube from its official Twitter handle. In the tweet, this YouTube video chapters feature is rolling out for newer smart TVs and game consoles.

A full list of compatible devices isn’t available at the moment, however, going by the tweet, only newer devices would be supporting this feature.

So, if you have a modern smart TV or a gaming console, and you wish to enjoy this handy feature on your device, then make sure that you have the latest version of the YouTube app installed on it.

If the feature isn’t live for your device, then you probably need to wait for some time before it is made available in your region. Once available, you will see a bit different UI.

Especially, the seek bar will be divided into sections for each chapter. If you hover over each chapter, it will show you the title of the chapter.

So for example, if you are watching an unboxing video, then you will see different sections with chapter title intro at 0:00, unboxing at 1:34, box contents at 2:30, and so on.

While this feature was saving precious time of the users on mobile, soon smart TV and video game console owners will also experience this change.


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