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Game console

Such is the case with this 1987 GMC Jimmy we’ve found for you today for sale via Humpty Dumpty Classics of Sarasota, Florida. Hopefully, the thing having a great fall won’t its resale value after you buy it, migraine-inducing puns aside.

As far as the cosmetic mods on this truck are concerned and taste in graphic decals aside, it’s hard to argue with the quality of the workmanship on display here. The fire engine red paint provides a fitting canvas for the plethora of different designs on display 360 degrees around the exterior.

Some folks love the classic hot rod flame look. Others go for a more generic checkerboard arrangement, which, if done skillfully, can still look absolutely wicked. But if your answer is Porque no los dos? (why not both?), this is the truck for you.

The polished chrome alloy wheels make for a package that’s a real head-turner, assuming all you need this truck to do is that elicit that exact reaction. Undercarriage neon lighting will be a real treat when this truck comes out to play at night.

The same could be said for the quality of the interior. Contrasting red and black stitched leatherette material melds well with the polished red and grey decals covering the dashboard. We’re happy to say the rear seats have also gotten the same treatment. A hidden touch screen and TV Monitors with integrated inverters are just a casual side note in a car this heavily customized. The TV screen complete with game controllers in the rear of the vehicle is another really nice touch.

Being a show truck, there’s really no need for a monstrous engine, and so this one comes sporting the same 2.8 liter General Motors V6 that it likely left the factory with almost 25 years ago. It’s mated to an automatic transmission so lethargic that it’s fortunate its pain job is to keep the truck in park.

This is definitely not a car you take on the Nordschleife, but if you just need it to promote your local car meet or, heaven forbid, your “Gentleman’s Club,” this is the kind of car that will attract the clientele you’re aiming for. Meaning, of course, older men who get misty-eyed about old-school flame decals.

$15,550 is a lot of money for what’s essentially a billboard on four wheels, but if you have a target audience in mind who likes that kind of stuff, it could very well make its money back.


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