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(Pocket-lint) – Gaming is one of modern life’s great pleasures, whether you love simple and cheerful platformers, or you’re more into intense competitive multiplayer titles. 

It’s even better when you can enjoy them on the go, though – handheld games consoles have been hugely popular for decades now, and show no sign of stopping. We’ve gathered some of the very best you can pick up right now, here for you to check out. 

Our guide to the best gaming handhelds to buy today


Nintendo Switch Lite


Nintendo’s pared-down version of its supreme Switch is an absolutely beautiful handheld console, quite possibly the best one ever released.

You get access to a huge library of excellent games, including many from past generations, and its big screen is perfect for playing them on. 


New Nintendo 3DS XL


The 3DS generation from Nintendo also holds some of the best handheld games ever released, and this version of the portable console is the best possible.

You can play any 3DS or DS game on it, and there’s a simply massive library to play through. So, while it might not be the newest, this it still a top-grade option. 


Nintendo Switch


Of course, you could also opt to get the main version of the Nintendo Switch, which can very much be a handheld console first and foremost.

This way, though, you also get the option of plugging it into a TV or monitor to play it on the big screen if you fancy.


Nintendo Game and Watch


A retro throwback release, Nintendo has given the old Game and Watch a fresh lick of paint and sent it back out into the world. 

This one won’t last forever, though, as stock is limited, so if you’d like to enjoy some classic Nintendo games on a delightful little console, act now. 


Beijue 16 Bit Handheld Games


Moving back to true handhelds, this device from Beijue is perfect if your favourite era of gaming was back in the 16-bit days. 

There are loads of fun games to try out on it, from sports games to shooters and platformers, so you won’t get bored anytime soon. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 20 May 2021.


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